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US-2007232815-A1: Method for producing furan-2,5-dicarboxylic acid patent, US-2007282067-A1: Polymer Composition patent, US-2007287882-A1: Method and device for mood improvement patent, US-2007289245-A1: Interlocking composite roof panel (hurricane proof roof) version 2 patent, US-2007300302-A1: Suppresssion Of False Alarms Among Alarms Produced In A Monitored Information System patent, US-2008043564-A1: Semiconductor memory device including distributed data input/output lines patent, US-2008069790-A1: Pre-Shave Preparation With Enhanced Lubricity Using Carboxy Silicone Polymer patent, US-2008091760-A1: Filter bank and method for improving efficiency thereof patent, US-2008116942-A1: Drive voltage generator patent, US-2008150990-A1: Ink jet printing apparatus and ink absorber recovery method patent, US-2008244716-A1: Telecommunication system, telecommunication method, terminal thereof, and remote access server thereof patent, US-2008258486-A1: Roll-in cot patent, US-2008275414-A1: Indicia of reduced diaper viewable through encasement patent, US-2008315842-A1: Power adapter detection patent, US-2009021341-A1: Varistor patent, US-2009061715-A1: Radio apparatus patent, US-2009085311-A1: System and method for controlling automatic leveling of heavy equipment patent, US-2009118926-A1: Method for controlling input torque provided to a transmission patent, US-2009138548-A1: Apparatus, method, and computer program product for processing information patent, US-2009185182-A1: Simultaneous Acquisition of Fluorescence and Reflectance Imaging Techniques with a Single Imaging Device for Multitask Inspection patent, US-2009219955-A1: Laser oscillation method, laser, laser processing method and laser measurement method patent, US-2009220157-A1: Feature point location determination method and apparatus patent, US-2009237926-A1: Illiminating device patent, US-2009244239-A1: Transfer sheet for ink jet printing and fiber product equipped with the same patent, US-2009269520-A1: Heat-sensitive transfer image receiving sheet patent, US-2009291588-A1: Shield connector patent, US-2009305707-A1: Telecommunications Network patent, US-2009325024-A1: Proton exchange membrane fuel cell patent, US-2010016734-A1: Systems and Methods Using Induced Perturbation to Determine Physiological Parameters patent, US-2010023909-A1: Voltage fluctuation estimating method and apparatus, semiconductor device operation verification apparatus, semiconductor device designing method, printed circuit board designing method, and program patent, US-2010024284-A1: Fuel based on vegetable oil patent, US-2010091327-A1: Image forming apparatus, method of controlling the same, program, and storage medium patent, US-2010100347-A1: Method and System for Calculating Timing Delay in a Repeater Network in an Electronic Circuit patent, US-2010107347-A1: Floor-cleaning machine patent, US-2010124264-A1: System and Method for Identifying a Non-Predetermined Input Data Rate patent, US-2010134762-A1: Adjustable eyeglass frame patent, US-2003205391-A1: Adjustable debris shield for a hand-held power trimmer patent, US-2003229786-A1: System and Method for Application-Level Virtual Private Network patent, US-2004001321-A1: Front panel assembly for computer enclosure patent, US-2004012414-A1: Interleaved pulse-extended phase detector patent, US-2004026613-A1: Mass spectrometer patent, US-2004041875-A1: Ink jet recording apparatus patent, US-2004048877-A1: Pharmaceutical compositions containing flibanserin patent, US-2004054959-A1: Method and apparatus for encoding data patent, US-2004057907-A1: Dri-nasal sprays patent, US-2004083022-A1: Embroidering device connected to network and the network system thereof patent, US-2004095320-A1: Joystick patent, US-2004110926-A1: Human IRAK-2 patent, US-2004113667-A1: Delay locked loop with improved strobe skew control patent, US-2004117902-A1: Immersible tub patent, US-2004135675-A1: Acoustic wave device with modulation functionality patent, US-2004147941-A1: Endoscopic suturing system patent, US-2004148229-A1: Method and system for online software purchases patent, US-2004158344-A1: Mask management device in semiconductor wafer production process patent, US-2004166048-A1: Fine carbon fiber and method for producing the same patent, US-2004169550-A1: Power management method and structure patent, US-2004183709-A1: Analog signal level detecting apparatus patent, US-2004196000-A1: Battery charger having attached base patent, US-2004237755-A1: Guitar stand patent, US-2004252112-A1: Display device and display control circuit patent, US-2005017734-A1: Method for on-line calibration of low accuracy voltage sensor through communication bus patent, US-2005028765-A1: Device for variable actuation of the gas exchange valves in internal combustion piston engines patent, US-2005030228-A1: Virtual antenna technology (VAT) and applications patent, US-2005031292-A1: Waveguide and process for the production thereof patent, US-2005070655-A1: Composite compositions patent, US-2005091742-A1: Infant bath support system patent, US-2005101950-A1: Multiple antenna ablation apparatus and method patent, US-2005122745-A1: Prism sheet, illuminating device, surface emitting device, and liquid crystal display device patent, US-2005134655-A1: Electrostatic ink jet head and a recording apparatus patent, US-2005141659-A1: Oversampling D/A converter and method for shaping nonlinear intersymbol interference in an oversampling D/A converter patent, US-2005171788-A1: Wireless display system patent, US-2005214960-A1: Surface shape recognition sensor and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2005228198-A1: Manufacture of phenyl ethylamine compounds, in particular venlafaxine patent, US-2005234813-A1: Network auctioning apparatus, system and method of use thereof patent, US-2005246090-A1: Method for controlling a combustion engine patent, US-2005246525-A1: Method and system for hierarchical platform boot measurements in a trusted computing environment patent, US-2005253745-A1: Digital predistortion apparatus and method for a wideband power amplifier patent, US-2005266959-A1: Hydraulic control apparatus for automatic transmission of vehicle patent, US-2006008196-A1: Bragg grating pressure sensor patent, US-2006016018-A1: Golf accessory tool patent, US-2006029155-A1: Distortion compensating apparatus, compressed data generating method patent, US-2006058814-A1: Circumcision clamp patent, US-2006060673-A1: Injector with separately controllable injector needles patent, US-2006062832-A1: Sanitizing wipes with microbicidal properties cross-reference to related applications patent, US-2006073711-A1: Electronic apparatus patent, US-2006083699-A1: Photostable photoprotective compositions comprising dibenzoylmethane and bis-resorcinyl triazine compounds and a compound that accepts the excited triplet level energy of said dibenzoylmethane(s) patent, US-2006088433-A1: Vane pump for continuously variable transmission patent, US-2006164468-A1: Mounted structure, liquid droplet ejection head, liquid droplet ejection apparatus and manufacturing method patent, US-2006169632-A1: Filter element patent, US-2006179811-A1: Cut resistant yarns for glove and sleeves, gloves and sleeves made with such yarns and methods of making such cut resistant yarns patent, US-2006181952-A1: Programmable analog control of a bitline evaluation circuit patent, US-2006188034-A1: System and method for multiple signal carrier time domain channel estimation patent, US-2006188142-A1: Electronic assembly video inspection system patent, US-2006202988-A1: Control method and device for a display device patent, US-2006226526-A1: Microcontroller internal data capture and display patent, US-2006242760-A1: Spa tub apparatus patent, US-2006267433-A1: Electric rotating machine patent, US-2006268083-A1: Ink composition for ink jet-recording and method for preparing lithographic printing plate using the same patent, US-2006282708-A1: System and method for detecting faults in a system patent, US-2006284705-A1: Bandpass filter having increased out-of-band signal rejection characteristic patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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