Bridge provided with liftable guardrails and adopting simple structure



A bridge provided with liftable guardrails and adopting a simple structure comprises a bridge base body (1) and multiple guardrail units (2) mounted on the bridge base body (1), wherein each guardrail unit (2) comprises two fixed sleeve stand columns (4) fixed on the bridge base body (1) in a leftwards and rightwards symmetric manner as well as an upper cross beam (21) and a lower cross beam (22) which stretch across and extend out of the space between the two fixed sleeve stand columns (4), the upper cross beam (21) and the lower cross beam (22) are provided with circuit devices and are fixedly connected with each other by the aid of vertical rails (23), a screw hole in threaded fit with a vertical stud (43) is formed in each of the two fixed sleeve stand columns (4), and the upper end of each vertical stud (43) extends into the upper cross beam (21) and is axially and fixedly connected with the upper cross beam (21) by the aid of an upper thrust bearing (431) and a lower thrust bearing (432).




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